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Business Continuity Specialist

Khobar, Saudi Arabia Posted 2023/04/11 09:05:03 Expires 2023-12-08 Ref: JB1100032505

Job Description

Job Purpose

Assist the head of business continuity in enhancing the resilience capability of GIB to ensure continuity & availability of operations & services. Assist the head of BCM to ensures that an auditable governance framework, consistent with general regulatory requirements for BCM across jurisdictions in which GIB operates, is developed, maintained and adhered, so that GIB is appropriately prepared for, and can respond better to unexpected disruptions to normal activities.

Key Responsibilities

1- Pursuit periodic update of policies, procedures & processes related to Business Continuity & Crisis Management for BCM department as well as ensure embedding BC in all P&P of all departments
2- Implemented monitoring & reporting mechanism for communicating business continuity readiness of GIB
3- Assist all departments & collaborate with them in identification of business continuity requirements, solutions, risks to business continuity, mitigation actions and implementation follow-up
4- Assist the head of BCM to lead team members to draft & present periodic ‘Business Continuity Management’ reports to Regulators, Board, GIB Risk Committee, and GIB Management Committee & GIB Business Continuity Committee.
5- Assist the head of BCM in facilitating periodic testing of the integration of entity level Business Continuity plans with the operational process
6- Periodically reviewing upkeep & maintenance of Business Continuity alternate sites and the Crisis Command Centre in GIB based on business & operational requirements
7- Review and maintain comprehensive Business Continuity policies and procedures that include all Laws, regulations, instructions and leading practices applied to the bank’s activities subject to the approval of the board of directors.
8- Maintain BCM program processes and practices that effectively ensure that the enterprise program remains current, incorporates/aligns with industry standards and practices as appropriate, and adequately covers regulatory requirements.
9- Assist the head of BCM in promoting a Business Continuity culture within GIB, and enhancing bank officers and employee awareness and positive thinking of the importance of Business Continuity in the bank as a whole and adhering thereto while performing their duties.
10- Respond to all bank departments and internal auditors regarding rules and instructions included in relevant reports, and making sure of taking necessary corrective measures.
11- Assist head of BCM to manage subordinates, conduct annual appraisal & provide timely feedback, guidance, training and development required to all GIB employees.


  • Strong administrative skills, with effectiveness in developing tasks to achieve target dates.
  • Ability to deal with all departments of the bank, solve problems and take proper actions.
  • Capacity to plan and organize in order to establish communication channels and provide advice necessary for the purposes of developing business continuity plans.
  • Exceptional communication capabilities to build and maintain good relations with the bank’s departments and control and supervisory bodies.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the business continuity requirements in banking.
  • An understanding of the banking industry, in particular the lines of business relevant to GIB, their settlement, credit and market risks and associated accounting issues.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in Arabic and English.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, including tact and diplomacy, as the job requires much interaction with other areas of the GIB Group and outside agencies.

Job Details

Job Location Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Job Role Banking
Number of Vacancies 2

Preferred Candidate

Career Level Mid Career

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